Rural Infrastructure : New Cyclone Shelter 45 Nos : Rehab Cyclone Shelter 20 Nos : Critical rural Rd connectivity 80 km
Urban Infrastructure: Upgrade/Rehab. urban Rd. 32 km : side drains 6.8 km : Three footbridges Bridge 20 m
Drains 39.71 km : Water supply : Rehab and improv of existing water produciton facilities : expansion 25 km, replacement 15 km and leak reparis 40 km of water distribution network, provision of 6000 Nos water meter, service connections 5000 no, construction 1 Nos of puphouse for PTW-5, rehab 4 nos pumphouses and rehab of accounts room house 1 nos, provision of chlonination units 15 nos and water quality test kits 6, const. of hand tube well 200 nos. Sanitation & Solid Waste Management LS
Slum Improvements : Foothpath & side drains 2895 m, 1515 meter of footpath drainage and 155 meter of wall/palisades beside water bodies.
CReLIC will act as a knowledge and information hub to collect, process and provide knowledge and exchange of information on climate resilient infrastructure to and from LGED Engineers,institutions and agencies.
Direct benefit : CRIM project increases adaptive capacity of more than 134,000 people to climate change.
Indirect benefit : 10.4 million people (6.8 percent of the total population of the country) will benefit from climate resilient infrastructure planning and implementation in the long term.
Direct co-benefits : creation of more than 1,700 full-time jobs , education support to more than 18,000 children and the reduction of local transport costs by an estimated average of more than 20 percent .

Cyclone Shelter

GoB-GCF Funding

Total Project Cost

GoB 25 Million Dollar
KfW 15 Million Dollar
GCF 40 Million Dollar
Total 80 Million Dollar

Cyclone Shelter GPS below